january 16th
A new ESDissabte, a new success!

On Thursday 15 January the first ESDissabte 2015, an event that two years ago held and organized by ESDi students and is of the most anticipated both by students and alumni was held.


ESDissabte is a friendly meeting with the aim of breaking barriers and sharing knowledge in design and work processes with it. A place to listen, learn, exchange views and discuss design and everything that surrounds it.


This edition has invited first 3 alumni (Julia Coma, Joana Chapel and Oscar Boix) who have submitted their Final Year Projects and explained their journey as students, designers and their work processes. They have also been design studies Gravina (such study has recently commenced operations) and LoSiento (with more years of experience), who have told us how they live their daily contact with the design. They have agreed to provide important fact own ideas to reach solid design projects. Their interventions generated more than a question by the current students of ESDi, to see first hand how each work.

The meeting was accompanied with music, and hosted an audience that filled the hall of the school.
This 8th edition of the event has been organized by students Guillem Martin, Lluís Torres, Xavi Miranda and Elena Qureshi, with the collaboration of many students who make the success of ÉSDissabte: Agnes Vall Pujol, Natalia Martínez, Annie Jiménez, Alba Alaminos, Belén Calvo, Pol López, Roc Miranda, Gorka Muñoz, Jan (Padilla) Phoenix, and a large team of students ESDI TV.