1st July 2014
A hundred designers had been graduated with the seal of the ESDI

The work, the time, the effort and the dedication that the students from ESDi have destined during his last four years, was rewarded during the graduation ceremony held on July 30 at 20:00h.


The event was attended by Dr. Gloria Fernandez, head of the ESDI; Dr. Josep M. Garrell, Rector of the URL; Mr. Josep Bomberdó, President of FUNDIT; Councilor of the City of Sabadell, Mr. Carles Bosch; and the Director General of the Fund, Mr. Antoni Garrell. Although the real stars of the night were the 98 students who graduated, leaving the university and opening doors to a world of work.

On behalf of the hundreds of students who graduated, Imanol Buisan, Alain Jaimez, Georgina Capdevila and Humbert Clotet they go to the lectern for a few words to former classmates and future colleagues.

Once parliament, proceeded to the delivery of securities and then both students, families, teachers and staff of ESDI went outside the school, where there was a pecking to celebrate the award of the degree.


More photos of the acte here.