March 29, 2010
5 ESDi graduates selected to publish their works in the SELECT I

The name and title of each of the selected students works are:

  • Antonio Ortega - Li Poe Maudit. El Poe Maleït
  • Oriol Ocaña - DIY Robot
  • Anna Brugués - Graphic image for the rural hotel Font de l’Oca
  • Jordi Ribera - Singular
  • Astrid Alonso - Almor
This is a directory of reference in the field of graphic design, Select has emerged as the indispensable tool to keep abreast of the creativity that is done in Spain, year after year. The Select A, which has also been selected Antonio Ortega (see photo), is distributed throughout Europe. The book will be available from October. The center will receive a copy for reference.