19th February 2014
Conferences and workshops on ’Values and Perception’, starring the 3rd day of the International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia (CIDIC) , which organizes ESDI


The 3rd day of CIDIC launched at 10 am with the conference: ’Nomadic Subjectivity: commitment from the translation’, from the  Dr. in Arts, Mireia Feliu, who is teacher of ESDi. Feliu spoke of how "nomadic subjectivity acts as a political figure who questions the identity" and has put on the table issues around concepts like state, the self or the other.


"What is the meaning of being nomadic? What is for you the sea? Ocean waves are  intersect, they move and move, but that doesn’t mean they are disorganized," explained Feliu in a poetic metaphor, adding that "These waves move follows the movement of the wind, and made more waves interacting with" Mireia Feliu has also clarified concepts such as border and explained that "the contemporary western world, marked by geopolitical fragmentation and globalization are living contradictions as it tries to open internal borders, but the closed face head on out creating cultures that make punch, folklore and stereotypes”. The Dr. in Arts has taken the exhibition to showcase some of audiovisual works of their own creation belonging to the concerns series and concluded by saying that "the nomads do have roots, but these are multiplied," and is that nomadism is more than offset is commitment from the translation.



The designer and art director in different studies and communication agencies, Andrés Requena, has taken the format of the conference after the mid-morning break. In his paper has focused on the "free" concept and discussed the value / non-value of a free thing always intercedes negatively from the economic point of view. Requena claimed that "we spend our lives paying, waiting to pick our fruits tomorrow, but when it is assumed that arrives this time, it is not." "I think it is not good that we do things for free," he said. The graphic designer has taken the opportunity to show some of his assertive political projects , with which it has won more than a smile among the audience and concluded by stating that " work for free does not add any value to the profession."



The also graphic designer Aitor Méndez has been in charge of closing the lecture in the morning. In parallel to his professional activity, Aitor Méndez, developed a design review exercise and is considered an active promoter of the translation of the graphic design discipline to the territory of free culture. In his speech he spoke about the graphic language as political action is that according to Mendez" graphic language is a powerful builder of subjectivity" and a powerful tool to "help build a better world."Mendez has said that there is a way to play down the words and put some examples of the richness of language and semantic range.


The CIDIC has organized a round table by Professor of ESDI Enric Puig , who has been who moderated the debate between the three speakers who attended the third day of CIDIC and has been incorporated Designer Oriol Ocaña, PhD of the Communication, Multimedia and Interactivity ESDI. During this roundtable attendees were able to interact with speakers and a debate on the limits and freedoms that the designer has the time to do their work. Mireia Feliu said that "we must create a concept more flexible design and we have to accept that we can not change the world, but the fact of accepting it will make us rich" and added that "we must accept that the design does not have to answer necessarily a dominant voice." Meanwhile, Andrés Requena explained that "what you pay, who charge you a job, you think you will do what you want and therefore, at this time, the designer becomes a means to sell a product." Finally, Oriol Ocaña, professor of ESDI has stated that "there is a hegemonic vision of design, and this is very problematic," he further stated," design has the wrong hand, is positioned next to the business and no society. "




In the afternoon, the Dr. in Catalan Philology, Dr. Gemma Gomez has exhibited a branch of design that focuses on the creation of verbal brand name that is known as the Naming. Gomez has deepened the need to think and rethink what name we attach to a particular brand, considering the morphological aspect and sound. Gomez has presented a formal note to a new name has several aspects and examples.



Then the responsible of Unit and Search Trends & Fashion Color ESDI , embodies Ruiz , presented his thesis ’ The Spanish fashion blogs : the spontaneity of the user to the profession, blogger ’ . The conference embodies Ruiz has reviewed the evolution of fashion blogs as a tool that "airs fast, simple and fun way" and has become a platform of " public disclosure of the citizens." A tool that brands and publications have used to increase their prestige and improve your rankings.



To conclude the day, teachers and Fashion deTendències Unit of the School of Design ESDI, Marina Castán, Miguel Gonzalez and Cristina Real, have been commissioned to conduct the workshop ’ Knit & Run’ , where attendees were able XL strings weave simulating the action of knitting.
The last day of CIDIC be held tomorrow, Thursday, 20 February , and will focus on " From buying to selling ."