March 18, 2013
2nd year ESDi students experience design at Berlin-Dessau

2nd year students of the Higher School of Design, ESDi, travelled to Berlin-Dessau from 21 to 25 February in the Design History and Theory subject framework and accompanied by the teachers Antoni Mañach and Gemma Gomez. This trip’s aims, which has been organized for 6 years, are to experience first-hand the subject knowledge due to the fact that it is the best way to learn and to understand, to generate a sense of group belonging and to create a collective from coexistence and sharing space and time and not only to transfer knowledge, skills and competences, but also values. On this trip, students were able to experience the Design History and Theory subject knowledge through texts or photographs. Different artworks from both the Modern Movement and the Jugendstyl have been visited. In relation to the most relevant visits, we can highlight the artworks of Bröhan Museum, a museum specialized in international Modernism, Art Deco and Functionalism, and the Bauhaus-Archive where one can find part of the twentieth century most important school of architecture, design and art collection, both in Berlín. Moreover, they also moved to Dessau so as to visit the Bauhaus School building, by Walter Gropius, and the Bauhaus teachers’ houses, many destroyed during the II World War and others rebuilt later. In addition, the trip also allowed them to do some sightseeing to Berlin and to visit the most significant elements of the German capital such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, the TV Tower, the Berlin Wall, the Mauerpark market or Checkpoint Charlie, among others. "I am convinced that this activity is necessary because it is rewarding. Both for the academic knowledge acquired, and for the learning around the coexistence of a large group of very different people, outside school"explains the subject’s teacher and trip organizer, Antoni Mañach. Stating that in this way, "the subject has moved from being perceived as distant to become closer due to the materialization of the syllabus contents". Thus, once again, ESDi students have been able to experience the design through an activity as much playful as educational.