April 06, 2011
2011 spot promoting the Escola Superior de Disseny

The audiovisual features interviews with school students and people who have graduated. They explain what they learned in ESDi and what are the hightlights. They video focuses on the different options for design and pays attention to to the Degree in Multidisciplinary Integration, unique among colleges of design. The video points out also about the parteinare projects with many companies involving the students. So, they can get knowledge and the know-how from companies. There are images of the videoclip from the muscial group called "Els Pets", recorded at school. Also there is information about the ESDi scholarships and the support for the entrepreneurship by ESDi. Many professors like Tito Favaro can be seen talking. There can be seen the facilities and equipment of the Campus de Sabadell. There is information also about the mastesr one of which, the official Master Commissioner of Art and New Media, gives access to doctoral programs in design. ESDi is the only school in Spain that allows it.