January 20th
’Transposicions: Offscreen Design’

An initiative born from the hand of some alumni of ESDi to conduct an exhibition that will answer a line of research on conceptual and methodological idea of interdisciplinarity, and that relates fields of cultural production transversely . In this case between education, design and processes overlap with social realities.

’Transposicions: Design offscreen’ is an initiative born from the hand of some ESDi alumni to conduct an exhibition that will answer a line of research on conceptual and methodological idea of interdisciplinarity.

’Transposicions: Design offscreen’ is the name of this exhibition, chosen by the alumni of ESDi to present their Final Year Projects. They are Damià Armengol, Òscar Boix, Júlia Coma, Anna Garcia, Iria Caballero, Gemma Estadella, David Vera and Juana Capella graduates in different disciplines of design (fashion, graphic, multidisciplinary and audiovisual integration). They have taken sides in everything related to the exposure (from idea to bring it to reality, without neglecting the image and communication) under the objective of linking areas of cultural production across the board. In this case between education, design and processes overlap with social realities.



We present a summary of their projects will see:

Damià Armengol: Sound View
View Sound is an interactive sound instrument through an interactive visual interface, easy to compose electronic music to people without musical knowledge. The user can experience the composition of electronic music intuitively from visual elements that can touch and change. The application is based on an intuitive and coherent design that connects immediately and intuitively sound, color and form. This user can achieve a sensible experience based on the phenomenon of synesthesia

Òscar Boix: Made to be Seen.
Made to be Seen is a short film involves two analytical perspectives. The study of audiovisual language, on the one hand and a critique of the idea of power from its origin in the humanistic culture to contemporary culture approach. This film speaks of one of the most pressing conflicts of our present: the gradual dismantling of privacy absorbed by the bio-politics that the current state of the technology allows.


Júlia As Vilarasau: cos-archive
This project is part of a personal reflection on the relationship between body and space. The world of dance and the design world. Fashion expanding into the world of body art, their spaces and their languages. The starting point is in the realm of thought and the materialist philosophy is based on performance strategies or action, ie, in a study of the perception of matter understood as endowed reality of initiative and action.

Anna Garcia Masfret: /abject corporis/
Find a form of expression is the goal of any artist. /Abject corporis/ is mine. This work is based on my interest around the world monster and deformities. In the process of realization I found my way to the actual knowledge of myself. The physical deformity has allowed me to compare fearless, dark background, I report repressed. The transformation of a mannequin has given birth to a sculpture. The coming to light deformity is purified in aesthetic experience.


Iria Caballero Ullate: A-guide Barcelona
Design of an alternative guide from a critical eye to mass tourism and the mirage that represents the Barcelona brand. Faced with an image of city under the objectives of marketing, is a guide whose main axis can discover a different Barcelona putting value spaces of everyday life. In relations between places, spaces and citizenship. A-guide Barcelona proposes a new style tour guide, not only in terms of an alternative selection of sites, but also adding new formats and new forms of usability. This publishing project results in the classic paper format, structure in own network of digital platforms.

Gemma Estadella Colome: #FFFFFF
This project takes as its field of reflection the design process itself. It is based on a thorough documentation of the processes of conceptualization and realization of Fin Project Degree in eight companions of my generation (2013-2014). The documentary material has been generated based on three forms of records: oral interview, visual documentation of personal workspaces and the process of collecting data from the first stage of each project: the Sketchbook. The documentary collection closes when each project comes to an academic goal is the presentation of each project to an academic evaluation panel.

David Vera: Ordinario

This book has its starting point in a reflection on the importance and intrinsic sense of local environments against increasing globalization. In an increasingly universalized world, sometimes the local space is undervalued. This underestimation comes the need to get up close and make visible our immediate and personal environment. That space in which everything that happens affects us and educates us, and in which we participate in the most direct manner. The personal world of each is, finally, the place from which all share the emotions and the most universal experiences.


Joana Capella: Moll Fregit or art intervenes in a context
Moll Fregit is a project of parishes based on the relocation of a number of artistic practices, which are held in different spaces and contexts of a peripheral city. To mark the transpositions shows, the first project is extended with direct action in the city of Sabadell, seeking collaboration between artists, neighbors and social agents. The project is intended as a laboratory of collective intervention strategies, a meeting space and connectivity between citizenship and art.

ESDi Design School (URL) organizes together with Caixa Sabadell Antiga 1859, BBVA Foundation exhibition within the celebrations of the 25th anniversary, which will take place from February 12 to April 5 in the Espai Cultural Sabadell.