25th february 2014
The student Zaira Holgado wins an internship for the collaboration agreement with the company Faro Barcelona

A jury formed for Xavier Martin, Director General of Faro, Mar López and Lluis Soler, from the Department of Product of the bussiness, and Mireia Puig, professor of the School of Design ESDI were in charge of naming the winner of the internship with the company Faro Barcelona.

In the first session, students of the subject lighting design ¡, which provides the teacher Jordi Llopis, had the opportunity to present the projects that had been developed for the company Faro Barcelona, but it was not until the second session that the jury chose the candidate.


Students went to Faro Barcelona installations and there they presented and defended their projects. Then jurors argued the pros and cons of each project, and finally decided on a candidate.


The result of the discussion was the name of Zaira Holgado, the student who submitted Pot Lamp, a lamp that best matched the requirements of the briefing that submitted components of the company, regarding the technical, creative and production costs, among others.