27th May 2014
The Master in Comissariat Digital Arts, present in the Loop Festival



On June 5th, Dr. Ines Martins, and professor of the School of Design ESDI from the Unit of Product and Usability of Spaces, will coordinate a work table in the LOOP festival with the participation of students in the Masters in Commissariat together with some students and teachers of the art audiovisual ESDI grade.


The title of the table is: Young audiences. Forms of consumption and appropriation of the moving image in contemporary art, one chaired by Dr. Ines Martins.


In addition, any student who is interested in ESDI participate in the activities of the LOOP Festival may buy the passport to access activities with 50 % discount.

LOOP Passport ( 45 euros )
Passport + LOOP Panels (90 euros)
Passport LOOP + UB Lab ( 70 euros )
Discount for students - 50 %


Loop is a place where international professional image are in motion. Many debates arising from this meeting.  As a result , at the request of numerous professional , LOOP organized a series of work sessions to address some important issues related to the main theme of this year "Engaging Audiences".