17th march 2014
‘Saló de l’Ensenyament’, an opportunity to decide the future

The Saló de l’Ensenyament , which took place from 12 to 16 March, became the perfect setting for those students who wanted to gather information related to the design studio that is taken at ESDI. The School of Design ESDI was present to respond to questions and needs of students.

Through two exhibitors, the university area and space science, the staff of ESDI moved during 5 consecutive days at the Fair of Montjuic , situated in Plaza España in Barcelona , with the order to direct the future of many young people.

Mireia Nilo
, chief of General Academic Secretary , said that " the show was very useful and necessary because , this way , students can have a first contact with what they want to study and learn firsthand all the information ." Nilo added that new this year was the presentation of the new studies, as both Friday (16h) and Saturday (12h and 17h) and Sunday (12pm) the new studies were presented ESDI taught in UI / UX Designer, next year.

And the Saló Ensenyament, which this year celebrated its 25na edition, has become an opportunity for many young people who are still undecided with the path they have to take , and at the same time helps many reaffirms that students want to study.