January 20, 2014
New edition of "Fent Memòria" : a generation changing

Since last Thursday is available to 2012-2013 promotion graduates, the new volume of the publication "Fent Memòria" which includes their final projects and final year degree in the different curricular pathways : Audiovisual, fashion, Graphic, product, Interior and Design Management ( multidisciplinary Integration).

At this year has opted for a minimalist design and a soft color that stands above all for its high conceptual value. The ESDI Design School designer, the graduate Xavi Martinez, wanted to capture in this publication the "metamorphosis" and " transformation or change" concept, understood as the process experienced by the student from entering ESDI up leaving the professional world. Or the road following an idea from that thought until formalized.

That is why the publication has a progressive and changing pace both text layout and the weight of the images. In addition, each edition of "Fent Memòria" is unique. The 2012-2013 edition of the book is accompanied by a colorful shirt (with 5 different shades) numbered and therefore unique, which if deployed conceptual poster shows a gradient that exemplifies the concept of a generation in evolution.
"Fent Books" book delivered last Thursday during the celebration of the 2nd ESDinetworking [ throught the jazz ]. Those graduates who could not attend can come in to pick ESDI volume previously provided contact with the service to Community and International Networking If someone can not come in person to pick up the book you must submit a signed report to the person who comes in place proof.