November 05, 2009
La cenicienta que no quería comer perdices illustrated by the graduated Myriam Cameros

La Cenicienta que no quería comer perdices has become a boom editorial before its publication. The authors wrote and illustrated this story and self-published after getting finance through friends. The story began to circulate through e-mail, forums, blogs ... and the authors began to give talks at colleges and universities. They had gotten a total identification with his audience. The story clears up many stories our parents have told us "And they were happily ever after." But ... Were really happy?, What if you don’t like partridges, will it be as perfect as the prince appears in the story?, And the princess, "fit well into his new life? La cenicienta que no quería comer perdices is a modern story for adults that reviews the role that we have to represent in our great story: the life. We recommend to read it and analyze your lives.