25th August 2014
Google defines Mar Canet as ‘one of the best interactive artists in the world’

Can you imagine flying your dreams? This is what has earned the ESDI and graduate school teacher, Mar Canet, through the exhibition ’Wishing Wall’, held at the Barbican in London.


It is an interactive piece where "people say desire, the text becomes a cocoon and a butterfly goes inside that you can put in your hands." From speech recognition, create butterflies that represent the dreams of people talking. The colors of these butterflies are not random, but rather come from analysis because they have a dictionary in which the words relate to the colors of the eight emotions exhibited by Plutchik.


Thus, Mar Canet was one of the artists selected for Goggle and then defining it as one of the best artists in the world to make interactive exhibition at the Barbican in London (until 14th September) , is that the form of this building manages space.