10th April 2014
ESDI graduates succeed in the Laus Awards

Cristina Dordal, Gala Pasqual, Marina Soto and Fredic Barrera. They are fou Graphic Designers graduates from ESDI than have been chosed to apply for an award Laus. The School of Design ESDI chose, of all the projects final grade chart, four to present them to LAUS and finally they all compete for an award.


Cristina Dordal work is based on a publication that bears the name of ‘Paraules d’una terra. La plana de Vic’ . It is an artistic - poetic three writers Jacint Verdaguer , Miquel Martí i Pol and Maria Angels Anglada. A compilation of some literary fragments of poems that are recited in several literary tours of the mentioned authors.


Meanwhile , Pascual made a collection of publishing, somewhere between a book and a magazine , entitled Sonar Zines . Understood as a collaborative project with the festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art Sonar. His work serves as an element of this broadcast as part of its 20th anniversary.


Marina Soto was commissioned to carry out the project uncovered. And through a concept created a brand publishing proposed escape clichés. Structured monographs , each issue covers a number of subjects (art, literature, photography, history and society) subsumed under one concept such as dreams , emptiness and silence.


Finally, Fredic Barrera was created Mijac Sagrada Familia, a visual identity project for Mijac Sagrada Familia Manresa, a center where they work the leisure education of children and young people by transmitting values.


We should add to this list, another graduate in graphic design from ESDI Xavi Martinez and his work sacred cows, as has also been selected for the same prizes.