September, 15
ESDi inaugurates on Tuesday the exhibition project: Doing things with things

The exhibition features works from the workshop "Things with things", made in the workshop NauEstruch 5 of which consisted of three reading sessions and group discussions on how to do things the words, objects and bodies. At meetings texts of authors who, during the twentieth century raised the possibility of rethinking the forms of relationship of bodies and objects worked.

In the first session they worked on the concept of "things", Austin based on the text of "how to do things with words", working with the conception of the object as an author. The second section focused on "Bodies" by analyzing three texts in which the authors reflect on the body and its limits, his relationship with his surroundings and our awareness of it. In the third block the concept of "gender" is treated. A vision of post-structuralist theories of performativity when thinking about the issues of identity and gender.



The project is signed by the group "Fer cosa fora", a group of self-training, research and production that reflects on the body and the object. There cooperate teachers, students and graduates of ESDi.

The exhibition opens tomorrow at 17.30 on the ground floor of the School of Design ESDi.