June 18, 2012
"Be natural, enthusiastic and happy"

They have become leaders and inspiring people, personal shoppers, image consultants and real gurus of fashion and trends. They are "bloggers", which get thousands of online fans and followers that are seeking advice on them and even reaffirm their tastes. To talk about "Blogs fashion trends and success stories" from the Master in styling, image and communication of ESDi Barcelona organized seminars to give known directly and from first hand how these blogs are. In this way, and to close the cycle, Rebeca Labara, author of the blog "A trendy life", who explained how her experience and how her blog has develope to her brand and set up her own company. Labara has talked with the students of the Masters how to write a blog and the steps to be taken. "Be natural, enthusiastic and happy" are the main factors to build a blog. "The blogs and comments feed for this contact with readers are very straightforward", she claimed, "you’re free there".