ESDi has more than 150 teaching professionals counting professors, team members and PhD students. Professionals of ESDi community combine training activities with research, knowledge transfer and its diffusion. Besides, they are engaged professionals who, in their majority, combine their educational role in ESDi with the development of professional activities and projects linked to design world.

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  • Marc Fernandez
    Marc Fernandez
  • Berta Perarnau
    Berta Perarnau
  • Axel Bunge
    Axel Bunge
  • Genís Senen
    Genís Senen
  • Helena Rodríguez
    Helena Rodríguez
  • Sison Pujol
    Sison Pujol
  • Bernabé Martínez
    Bernabé Martínez
  • Matteo Licata
    Matteo Licata
  • Antonia Jorquera
    Antonia Jorquera
  • Sofía Hernández
    Sofía Hernández
  • Cecília Górriz
    Cecília Górriz
  • Carmen García de Mora
    Carmen García de Mora
  • Rubén Castejón
    Rubén Castejón
  • Mireia Murciano
    Mireia Murciano
  • Iván Marino
    Iván Marino
  • Gerald Kogler
    Gerald Kogler
  • Sílvia Escursell
    Sílvia Escursell
  • Jordi Llopis
    Jordi Llopis
  • Salvador Limonero
    Salvador Limonero
  • Isabel Lepikson
    Isabel Lepikson
  • Marc Calvet
    Marc Calvet
  • Leónidas Martín
    Leónidas Martín
  • Joan Carles Romero
    Joan Carles Romero
  • Medín Peirón
    Medín Peirón
  • Carmen Hernando
    Carmen Hernando
  • Maite Castillo
    Maite Castillo
  • Alex Miravalles
    Alex Miravalles
  • Enric Puig
    Enric Puig
  • Mercedes Salgado
    Mercedes Salgado
  • Laia Feixas
    Laia Feixas
  • Daniel Yacubovick
    Daniel Yacubovick
  • Antoni Garrell
    Antoni Garrell
  • Dolors Giró
    Dolors Giró
  • Cristina Real
    Cristina Real
  • Xenia Gómez-Centurión
    Xenia Gómez-Centurión
  • Josep Abril
    Josep Abril
  • Francesc Grau
    Francesc Grau
  • Fabián Loidi
    Fabián Loidi
  • Charo Mora
    Charo Mora
  • Susana Aristoy
    Susana Aristoy
  • Eduardo Campoamor
    Eduardo Campoamor
  • Ivan Merino
    Ivan Merino
  • Guiu Llusà
    Guiu Llusà
  • Mireia Feliu
    Mireia Feliu
  • Elizabeth Ferrandiz
    Elizabeth Ferrandiz
  • Fran Pinel
    Fran Pinel
  • Inés Martins
    Inés Martins
  • Maia Creus
    Maia Creus
  • Glòria Fernández Somoza
    Glòria Fernández Somoza
  • Encarna Ruiz
    Encarna Ruiz
  • Antoni Mañach
    Antoni Mañach
  • Ricard Guixà
    Ricard Guixà
  • Llorenç Guilera
    Llorenç Guilera
  • Eduardo Huerta
    Eduardo Huerta
  • Quim Boix
    Quim Boix
  • Pilar Bonet
    Pilar Bonet
  • Pere Grimau
    Pere Grimau
  • Daniel Moya
    Daniel Moya
  • Inés Bullich
    Inés Bullich
  • Jesús Morentin
    Jesús Morentin
  • Lalo Quintana
    Lalo Quintana
  • Maja Cecuk
    Maja Cecuk