External evaluation report


ESDi has the quality certification given by AQU corresponding to the attached centres institutional evaluation programme (21 April 2016).

You can check the accreditation report favorable to the degree of Bachelor's Degree in Design Officer at the following link.

Studies quality as founding objective

ESDi is born as a FUNDIT initiative, with the aim of putting design on the same level of a university discipline, the same as it occurred in other countries of Europe and the rest of the world.

For this reason, the quality of the studies taught in ESDi is one of the requirements established by the Foundation from its creation in 1989, and restated in 1998 in three main ideas:

  • Development of educational process, with annual regularity.The aim of this idea is to determine the quality of the knowledge transfer process development.
  • Adaptation to scientific, technical and social advances, with biannual regularity.The aim of this second idea is to provide enough information to determine whether studies and technological tools adjust to socioeconomic demands where graduates must provide professional services.
  • Adaptation to socio-corporate reality and to professional careers evolution, with five-year regularity.This third idea, carried out every 5 years, has as purpose the monitoring of graduates’ professional careers and its adaptation to the productive sector demands.

The responsibility of ensuring our studies’ quality relies on management and management and academic office bodies.

Internal Quality Assurance System

Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIQ) is an organized compilation of all the actions carried out for the monitoring, improvement and updating of studies from the centre and coordinated with Universitat Ramon Llull.

ESDi SGIQ, in accordance with the transparency commitment demanded to university institutions in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) framework, was presented to the Agency for Quality of the University System from Catalonia (AQU), within the programme AUDIT-2010 call, for its evaluation and subsequent certification.

A period was started, a phase of modifications, with the aim of incorporating all the requirements established from public agencies of university quality monitoring at European level.

Now this period is finished and AQU, Agency for Quality of the University System from Catalonia, has approved the ESDi SGIC, ESDi Internal Quality Assurance System. It has been notified in a report which title is "Internal Quality Assurance System Design Evaluation final report", dated 23 November.


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