ESDi has more than 10.000 m2 of facilities distributed between Sabadell and Barcelona. Its facilities have Macintosh and PC computer labs with the most advanced infography and image processing programmes, pattern designing, animation and 3D, spacious video set, professional audio and video editing and post-production rooms, soundproof rooms for sound processing, etc.

Cafeteria and restaurant
Cafeteria and restaurant service for ESDi students, hold up to 60 persons and is open from Monday to Friday. More information.More information
The specialised collection in all the school disciplines has about 10.500 volumes, 130 magazine titles, daily press and an audiovisual collection (media library). It also has a textile pattern samples and a work in group room at students’ service.More information
Self Labs and Help Lab
ESDi Self-Labs and Help-Labs place the relationships between research, knowledge transfer and learning at the heart of its mission. It is a unique research and development centre at ESDi University that supports design and innovation through the application of the latest technology for the purposes of research, prototyping, product development, sampling, small-scale production, training and education.More information
Workshops and classrooms
Workshops and classrooms
ESDi has workshops and classrooms at students’ service for them to practise the teaching activity: product and interior workshops, fashion workshops and graphic and audiovisual workshops, as well as a video set, a photography set, an audio classroom, a video classroom, a drawing classroom and a sound recording laboratory. It also has 7 computer labs (MAC and PC).More information