• Reason 1. Official Undergraduate Degree

    In 1992 ESDi was the first Spanish centre in teaching Design university studies and since the academic year 2008-2009 teaches the Official Undergraduate Degree in Design, as an attached centre to Ramon Llull University according to guidelines established in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

  • Reason 2. Fast and high labour market integration

    61% of ESDi graduates start their professional activity between 1 and 3 months after graduating and 70% before 6 months (92% a year after graduating). Moreover, graduates who decide to be entrepreneurs and to start their own professional project, ESDi offers them support in terms of advice and spaces and infrastructures cession.

  • Reason 3. Six design programmes

    ESDi-URL is the only Spanish university in offering Official Undergraduate Degree in Design in all its disciplines: Graphic, Product, Interior, Fashion, Audiovisual and Design Management (Multidisciplinary Integration).


  • Reason 4. Training professionals

    ESDi trains good professionals by an excellent academic curriculum, the practical experience that students acquire and the relationships network in design world. Professionals who venture with promptness and success into corporate world, either joining designers consolidated teams or daring to start their own project.

  • Reason 5. Internship and projects with enterprises

    Students make a professional internship period in enterprises that becomes their first work experience in design field, at the same time that it gives them the chance to apply all the knowledge acquired at the moment in class. Moreover, ESDi carries out different academic projects in collaboration with renowned enterprises within the sector.

  • Reason 6. Foreign-exchanges

    ESDi has agreements to develop international cooperation projects and to ease students and professors exchanges with several universities from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

  • Reason 7. Scholarships to academic excellence

    One of the Foundation aims for ESDi is to promote academic excellence, foster academic careers and that no student with vocation and ability for design is excluded from the school for economic reasons. That is why several types of scholarships, grants and discounts are given to ease the access to studies.

  • Reason 8. Methodology and professors

    ESDi Official Undergraduate Degree in Design is given by professors and team members of a recognised career in design field. Academic programme is based on three knowledge areas: theoretical, instrumental and of projects; subjects are distributed harmoniously among the three areas to achieve the foreseen aims all along the 4 years.

  • Reason 9. More than 10.000 m2 of facilities

    ESDi has more than 14.000 m2 of facilities, including computer labs, industrial workshop, dressmaking workshop, stitch workshop, fretwork workshop, photography set, video set with direction control room and professional mobile lighting system, library, cafeteria and restaurant, among others.

  • Reason 10. 10 Research and innovation

    ESDi graduates can join up research and innovation groups that structure its activity around the school with research fellowships and experimentation and third year training scholarships.