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Design and Innovation International Congress of Catalonia became the appropriate context to promote reflection and to discuss trends about design and corporate innovation present and future, as well as its influence in economic recovery.


SDi organised the 1st Design and Innovation International Congress of Catalonia which, due to the celebration of its twenty years, took place on 18 and 19 March 2010 in Fira de Sabadell.

Under the motto “Design: innovation and social progress driving force” the aim was to promote reflection, discussion and experience sharing about the need to increase design integration into corporate framework to, in this way, innovate and improve competitiveness in international markets.

Research talks
At the Congress, besides the 7 guest talks there were presented 60 technical talks selected among more than 100 talks received.

Design Award for Innovation:
The jury, headed by the Congress chairman André Ricard, and formed by renowned professionals, gave two honorary awards to the best projects of 33 shortlisted out of 49 received candidates.



Under the motto “Design: competitiveness driving force”, ESDi celebrated the 2nd CIDIC from 25 to 27 April 2012 at ESDi Sabadell facilities. It was a meeting point between creation and enterprise. It has been discussed the need to establish how to apply design to obtain corporate innovation essential for recovering productive economy and lost activity. In this sense, it is important to make an effort to be different and to define appropriate strategies.

Research talks
More than 68 experts from 12 countries presented their talks about design. The new thing was the chairman of the 2012 Congress edition, Uli Marchsteiner, and the outstanding guest speakers were Norberto Chaves, Nani Marquina, Josep Congost, Robert Punkenhofer and Quim Larrea.

Design and Innovation International Awards of Catalonia
The jury chose Koy Shunka as the winner out of 6 finalists: Ametlla + de Mallorca, Babau Barcelona, Nomon Design, Lékué and Shadow energy.