ESDi Enterprise

Support for the entrepreneur

ESDi Enterprise, entrepreneur support centre, is an ESDi initiative offering to enterprises design services carried out by young entrepreneurs in the centre. Carried out projects have ESDi academic and professional supervision. The service helps entrepreneurship graduates and enterprises and organizations to improve their communication and image products and tools.
This entrepreneur support centre is a Fundació del Disseny Tèxtil (FUNDIT) non-profit initiative that helps entrepreneurs and, at the same time, acts as a platform to make known recently graduated designers to the professional world.

ESDi Enterprise has a co-working with all the necessary infrastructures for graduates to develop their corporate projects with the maximum helps as possible. It is located beside ESDi Sabadell, Marquès de Comillas, 81-83. To receive more information about the service you can be in contact with

On the other hand, ESDi Enterprise is a channel of corporate projects. If you want to register in our freelance designers portfolio, you can send us your personal details and your portfolio to
Some of the studies that have been part of ESDi Enterprise are Mitja Dotzena, Dimo, Tabula Rasa, In·notio Studio and Lluis Rodero.