September 24, 2010
Without universities there is no competition

When we compare the rates of education of the population with other countries, the low rate shows that we have an ineffective educational system, and Spanish universities don’t develop all their capital. Loss of productivity and lack of competitiveness of our productive system is a set of ingredients that increase the unemployment rate in Spain is the highest among the industrialized countries and is one of countries where it is more difficult to create businesses and hire workers required, as in repeatedly various international organizations have explained. With this background it is not surprising that Spain has fallen back one more year in the Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011 presented recently in Beijing. The ranking, in which Spain is ranked 42 when the year last year stood at 33, is headed by Switzerland and at the top are Sweden, Singapore, USA and Germany ... and that also China stands out, ranking 27, is "the most competitive economy in the BRICs." The Spanish position is bad and that we and the Slovenians are the least competitive of the European Union, and increasingly we are less, since it went from 23 in 2006 to 42 this year. Surely the crisis and funding problems have accelerated the loss of competitiveness, as explained by the reports can not be forgotten that economic activity takes place in a labor market with inadequate legislation, with excessive regulation of the bureaucracy, and key aspect is the lack of training of workers, which is essential to achieve the capacity for innovation, extracting technology capacity, streamline processes, internationalization, design and manufacture differential. Click here to read the entire spanish version Antoni Garrell Director General ESDi Foundation (FUNDIT) Barcelona 21st of september