November 5th
Wearables and society

Textiles connect different practices and traditions, from couture clothing to the high strength textile structures used in automobile construction. Thanks to the combination of different disciplines such as engineering, chemistry or physics, textiles have become a sort of structural network for information exchange. In this context arise hybrid smart textiles or smart textiles , fabrics that expand the concept of interaction , creating new links that connect us to our own body, with others and with the context in which we find ourselves, modifying it and building it. An important application in this area are the wearables. The wearable concept is becoming familiar, the release of Google products such as Glass has helped them gain in popularity. In the textile industry , textile wearables are interfaces that interact with the user and the environment, are extensions of our bodies that bridge between the intimate space of people and technology. These devices appeal to our senses , either providing us with ubiquitous sensing biometric parameters or creating new functions (light, sound , shape change , vibration, etc.)

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Marina Castán