16th september 2014
The Wearable Fashion Orchestra

The Wearable Fashion Orchestra is a live show that merges fashion and technology to establish an intimate interaction between the wearable/instrument and the dancer/performer. It is conceived as an evolution of the Sound Embracer project1 in which sound is generated through body movement when the fabric is stretched. It works with the Arduino platform, which translates the body movement (by the means of a sensor made out of conductive thread) into sound sent out via four speakers embedded in the garment.


We realised that interaction and technology inherent to the Sound Embracers project had a strong potential still to be exploited. Thus, we took into consideration the fact of taking the project a step further by coming up with the idea of an orchestra, inspired by the collection concept from Fashion Design. We were attracted by the idea of conceiving the garments as if each one of them were an instrument and the group of dancers as if they were musicians. This was how we ended up with The Fashion Wearable Orchestra, a wearable collection capable of creating a musical composition through a contemporary dance choreography.