October 05, 2012
The social design

The design is an important tool for the development of industry and owes its rationale to the industrial revolution and mass production. His potential makes it a key tool in disseminating cultural values ​​of any community. Also becomes the element that uses industry from modernity to identify and communicate value. It is from the domain of specific techniques that come from the field of social sciences, as designers are able to provide information on products they generate. Moreover, these products must be adapted to the constraints of the production process, to budgetary constraints, the set times ... So, the ultimate goal is to design unique and innovative response, highlighting on the market because it is capable of products provide differential values. Moreover, the consumer or user must perceive these values ​​with only visualize the product. From a social standpoint, the design is a unique platform of improving consumer service company and citizens. This discipline can help improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged from the development of techniques and tools that meet their needs. Addressing design research from the Humanistic knowledge allows us to propose new forms of society to increase the quality, functionality, aesthetics, sustainability and security of the products and services needed by contemporary society. In addition, the design methodology based on the possibility of offering answers ergonomic, innovative and educational to social problems related to objects or services of common interest. And since social design also offer these answers to pursue disadvantaged or at risk of exclusion. This is a job that is approached from an interdisciplinary which involve researchers from all fields of design tasks to develop their social integration. In time we ESDi locking in this line, which has led us to implement applied research projects with a social purpose. And we believe that the methodology we use allows us to serve the community all the advantages of social design. The cooperative design also results in an interesting relationship between users and designers which proposals can be analyzed, conceptualized and developed in an efficient manner.