November 20, 2012
The ESDi teacher Ricard Guixà writes in "San Soleil", the visual studies magazine

Ricard Guixà, ESDi photography teacher, explains the findings of his article that during the historical journey that goes from the invention of photography to the early twentieth century, photography contact science has achieved a dominant status relative to other display systems. The photograph became synonymous with fairness, rigor and fidelity. Thus, scientists portraits practiced in the field of medicine and physical anthropology modified and build a particular iconography of the other, with a visual force that has remained to this day. With work "Iconography of otherness. Epistemological value portrait nineteenth century scientist", Professor Ricard Guixà portrait is the influence from the perspective of scientific theories of knowledge. At work, the author talks about the photographs of malformations, physical oddities, freaks and human zoos and other topics. Ricard Guixà i Frutos, was degree in arts from the University of Barcelona and he is Photography teacher in the School of Design (ESDI) of Sabadell. He has participated in several individual and group exhibitions and he is a research fellow, as scientific photographer, in the project of the National R + D + i, Ministry of Science and Innovation.