november 4, 2013
The emergence of processes in virtual space game.

This article is about emergence (understood as a complex organization system) of nonprogrammed processes and behaviors in videogames, and the relationship beetwen those and the ways game communities cohere and transform. As XXI century media, videogames are seen as a multidisciplinary field in which classical forms of audiovisual are combined with the creation of both interactive experiences and virtual worlds. In addition with the comunication possibilities in digital media, games have become a field of possible contingencies open to both the creative potential of players, and the performative potential within synthetic worlds of the games themselves. These parameters set a body of emerging practices that can not be controlled by the designers of a game, and set new and unpredictable forms of playing based on the motivations of players. The investigation about these practices in their diversity, together with the parameters that characterize the aforementioned game communities, are the main goals of this research project.

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