November 14th 2013
The city and the public space

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a moment of reflection on the city and public space.
For some time we have heard of smart cities. According to Barcelona Ciutat Intel·ligent , there is no exact definition but dares to make an approach claiming that smart cities are called smart , "able to apply ICT ( Information and Communication ) in the same city to provide it an infrastructure that ensures a certain degree of sustainable development, an increase in the quality of life of its citizens, greater efficiency of resources (both human types as energy ) and better citizen participation."

Domenico di Siena (architect, planner and researcher) often makes clear his fear of this perfectly posed and questions the true functioning of smart cities. According to Di Siena the citizen becomes a consumer agent, a user who is not allowed to actively participate in transforming public spaces. Only offers a choice (limited) possibilities on which to choose. Therefore, do not talk about construction but choice.


Even so, the sociologist and researcher of international reputation, Saskia Sassen, is not far from the vision of Domenico di Siena. During an interview she said that "the city is a complex system but unfinished . Incompleteness is this which allows the cities the ability to survive centuries. These intelligent systems fenced violate this survivability " .


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Laia Feixas