March 14, 2013
technology and future

The penultimate week of January will recall why the American oil company ExxonMobil Corporation, with 114 years of history, surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the world. A company that has become a world leader in just 29 years since the emergence of the first Macintosh. Certainly in recent months Apple shares have dropped significantly, moved away from the historic maximum value, reached last September, when the value of Apple stood at 623,000 million, surpassing the record that Microsoft reached in 1999, then the value of the company Bill Gates bequeathed to 620,580 million. The loss of value of Appel does not involve, in any case, a decrease in the leadership of the company in a world where the need for real-time information, generates a mobile connection growth rates above that of the species human. A fact that estimates that, in 2020, the world will have about 25 billion interconnected devices, since no one questions that since 2007, when Steve Jobs put into service on iPhone, how to network, do business and to interact completely changed. The old ways of working began an accelerated agony while being displaced by the new style "on life" created by Apple. Most analysts believe that the fall in value of the shares of Apple, has been caused by high growth expectations and benefits imposed by investors who see problems that Apple has won "only" 13.078 million dollars in the last quarter of 2102 (almost the same as in the 3rd. quarter of 2011). While other experts believe that the loss of value should, as I had a former Arthur Andersen partner who now lives in California, "a downward operation orchestrated by specialists in conditioning behavior of small investors in the stock market, to get to Spectacular new medium term gains. " Be one reason or another none of them announced a loss of importance and value of technology companies in general and Apple in particular. The value of Appel, despite losing almost 40% of its value in six months, is nearly a third of Spanish GDP, an amount that helps us reflect on the importance of technology as a medium of society and the economy knowledge, and the importance of access to information, (Google earned U.S. $ 10.737 million in 2012, 10.2% more than in 2011), in a highly competitive world, plural and asymmetrical. A reflection should lead us to denounce the lack of investment that takes place in the Spanish R & D. Lower investment away from the way we to structure a model capable of generating productive employment and lead society to progress and better standards of welfare. It is much lost time, but not too late to rectify. To do this you just have to accept that in the third millennium a very important part of progress lie in technology investments, consequently in the development and investment in ICTs.