July 27th, 2017
Starting Shot: Of sport as a social practice



Starting ShotSport has always been considered as a practice associated with competitiveness with defined rules, involving physical and mental capacity. Because of this, the praxis has been linked to those collectives that were especially gifted for physical exercise, and that were capable of undertaking feats limited to such group of individuals. In this context, practicing a given sport supposed entering in this elite of supermen or superwomen that were prepared to practice it. This activity was also oriented to those who decided to do it within the regulated parameters and the spaces designed to such effect.



Starting Shot


Nonetheless, in the last twenty years sport has begun to be interpreted as a therapeutic activity, with a ludic instead of competitive nature. In such way, the World Health Organization warned in 2015 that it was necessary to increment our levels of physical activity in order to prevent some pathologies and avoid causes of mortality linked to the sedentary behavior of developed countries.





Starting ShotThus, the last couple of years have witnessed an increase of the number of people who start to practice some sport with regularity in the entire context of the European Union. According to data given by Antonio Monleón-Getino, this activity has become a social phenomenon, especially in countries of northern Europe, in which the educational standards are higher. In Spain, the evolution of the last two years has been very positive, and this practice has already been incorporated into expert recommendations and educational programs of all sorts. Encouraging sport among citizens is one of the objectives of the sanitary policies carried out by communitarian countries.


Article written by Encarna Ruiz, chief of ESDiColor_LAB