October 2nd 2013
Open design, yes! But, what for?

It is no surprise that among the overexploitation of images to which we are subjected, memes have become the perfect cultural artefact: easy, simple and instant effect. The design lives, of course, under the dictation of the fast food culture that demands simple messages and drawings, and not by a formal ecology that leads us to a more sustainable collective visual imagination in every way, but rather to ensure successful communication, according to market criteria, without regarding at all symbolic, philosophical or poetic aspects. As memes, also repeat certain mantras, fads rumors that, if we do a critical and attentive reading (the contrary they require), we may overlook the real potential social scale. Free culture in its application in the field of design often seems to be just that: a slogan more, devoid of all social and political articulation.

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Oriol Ocaña professor ESDi