August, 26
Obsolescence and productive process

This article explains how this 2016 is still a year in which the paradigm shifts governing the way we produce, relate, learn or communicate have shown strongly obsolescence.

The future, which is already present, requires embrace change and understand that we need to radically change attitudes and skills, adjust the education system - perhaps better call instruction as it was called in the second Republican League-, it becomes a challenge unavoidable. We must assume a certain obsolescence which is essential to timely prepare young people without forgetting the unemployed or retraining of workers on active service in professional knowledge and attitudes required for new professions. Some professions that are not fully defined, but act in an ecosystem that moves driven and defined by the basic technologies such as digitization, computer science, artificial intelligence, immediacy, augmented reality and telecommunications.



Article written by mr. Antoni Garrell and Guiu, General Director of the Foundation for ESDi (FUNDIT)