January 28 2016
Nomadism: Translation, translation, transposition

Mobility is without doubt one of the backbones and structuring, especially in social and economic contemporaneity. We talk about affecting mobility so people, goods, capital and information. This article aims to be an introduction to research conducted by the author around the concept of the nomadic mobility contemporary, relating, in this case, critical thinking West (centered Rosi Braidotti and Zygmunt Bauman) and contemporary art. Nomad Mobility, understood as subjectivity critical eye is committed fleeing organization and coded preset, it is based on his own experience as a generator of travel meaning, that is, as a responsible approach, effective and affective to reality Contemporary understood as a whole heterogeneous and contradictory interrelation.



Article written by Dr. Mireia Feliu, a professor and head of the Communication and Multimedia Interactivity ESDi (University department of Theory and Design Development.