december 2nd 2014
New challenges of post-McLuhan Galaxy and the talent of independent producers

As the professor and sociologist Manuel Castells says in "The Age of Information" is clear that we are past the Gutenberg Galaxy to dive right into the Galaxy McLuhan and his rise to the mass media culture, with television as the epicenter. From the statements of Manuel Castells, however, the world of broadcasting has experienced phenomenal growth. Television is still the key, of course, but the consumption needs and the current economic climate have led the industry not only to change their working structures that often involve the importance of independent producers and outsourcing services, but also the need to take risks in audiovisual proposals original content and format.


But, how do the
independent producers see the economic changes? How they can ensure their survival against the "giants"? And above all, how they differ in a time when competitive advantage is clearly the talent and creativity?




Article written by Isabel Palà, journalist and head of the Press and Communication Department in ESDI