March 23, 2011
Lulu, the embodiment of evil in the underworld of the night

ESDi professor and Ph.D. in art history and theory, Maia Creus, has written an article concerning the interpretation of the night and the city for contemporary art. She did it because of the exhibition Midnight in the City that is about this theme. The exhibition runs Miguel G. Courteous and has been produced by the Center for the Arts The Panera in Lleida and the Center for Basque Museum of Contemporary Art. The article talks about the character Lulu as the ultimate expression of evil in the context of the night. Lulu is a literary character of the writer Frank Wedekind. The night is understood, by all accounts, as a world of unexpected discoveries, as experience changes our perception of the city. From the literature, as from the paintings as they and the cinema the night is interpreted as a world difficult to control in a "modern jungle, which is Baudelaire describes the landscape of the city. Maia Creus stresses that contemporary images of the city represent an iconography of fear of the modern individual amid the urban landscape.