25th April 2014
Introduction to UI / UX design

The numbers speak for themselves, the most influential social media blog,, said "UI / UX Designer is one of the fastest growing professions in labor demand in the period 2008/2013" That is why the MECAD by ESDI listening to current and future labor demands and considering the employability of students, becomes the first center in Spain taught in these new studies.


Thus, during 2014-2015 the Media Center of Art and Design (MECAD) released some pioneering studies in the state for those students who wish to specialize in designing interfaces and user experiences . It MECAD Diploma accredited by the ESDI in UI / UX Design, which allows professionalization of interaction design , digital art and design , mobile application design, web design, world of smart objects, multimedia and the Internet.


If you want to see the promotional spot of UI/UX Design click here


Dr. Eduardo Huerta , head of the Communication, Multimedia and Interactivity ESDI and head of the new studies in this article reflects on the future of the profession that it is .