February 14 2017
I think, then I narrate. I narrate, then I live.

The present article offers an insight into fiction narrative as an engine of experiences for the spectator, starting with the construction of Complex structures that allow a deeper, more bidirectional: not only the designer / writer / writer, user / viewer / reader, but also in the opposite direction. The narrative is not only an instrument for transmitting stories and imagining possible worlds. I also know presents as an engine for cognitive development, the assimilation of skills communicative, expressive ability and imagination, all elements important in our construction as people. Making a tour superficial about our condition of being "narrators", the evolution of the narrative complex structures, and the influence of design on the experience and the entertainment in the consumption of fiction, the text intends to map in order to these issues.




Article by Fran Pinel, professor and member of the Departmental Unit of Communication, Media and Interactivity ESDi