October 6 2016
Hipsterism and other nonsense...

"The hipsterism and abusive repetition of the" ugly "models are the design (graphic) what to wear thong a foot above pants it was to fashion... with the only difference that thong lasted less."

A few days ago, perhaps led by some self glut of end of year, it occurred to me to express in this way the ennui that gives me the relentless percussion of aesthetics that some define as ugly, others as new ugly, a few others documented as new wave revival and others simply as hipster in current graphic design scene. From my point of view, it is not more than a provocative language based on the unthinking question of any kind of convention, which, apparently, one must approach not to be branded a pussy and retrograde species. In short, something to finally get that to which we should all aspire: to be modern.


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Hipsterism and other no sense


Article written by the designer and teacher Jesus Morentin and originally published in