19th november 2014
Greenaway. The invisible borders between cinema and video art

Peter Greenaway, the versatile film director formed in the field of painting, is a clear advocate of the separation between image and text, between the visual and literary.

Greenaway alluded, in this sense, a visual language that precisely because of its specific nature, is not recognized and isn’t a part of the education system: everyone knows how to read texts, but not everyone knows how to read images. The genius of Peter Greenaway comes from his ability to read, create and act across disciplines: painting, music, cinema, literature... And it breaks rules and narrative: he creates with freedom, without prejudice but with full awareness of historical and artistic tradition that can not be ignored, especially in the field of painting.



Article written by Dr. Mireia Feliu, professor and member of the Communication Unit Multimedia and Interactivity ESDI (University Department of Theory and Design Development.