November 1st 2016
Dialogues between Art and Fashion. Release Phenomenology

During the months of February to May 2016 La Panera Art Centre presented the exhibition "Dressing and undressing bodies" conceived as a dialogue between art and moda1 two different areas of creativity which sometimes share the same horizon meaning: light performative potential of the clothing and its symbolic direct action on the materiality of bodies, as well as in the sphere of immaterial codes of conduct, elssistemes identification and generation of meaning. Given us the symbolic potential of this second skin that is clothing, curators of the exhibition have identified at least five areas of shared significance both as designers and artists selected for this group show.



Article written by Dr. Maia Creus, a member of the Communication and Multimedia Interactivity ESDi, and originally published in Notebook Ideas, Arts and Letters, no. 205 May / June 2016, pp. 34-37 (ISSN 1695-9396)