April 02, 2013
Design Pedagogical Challenges

This article reflects on the current problems in design teaching. The different voices of researchers, designers and pedagogues converge in a unique message: the need to change the current educational system. The challenge in Design teaching would consist of training future designers capable of carrying out ideas, but also training citizens. In this sense the cognitive paradigm of modernity should be moved to lead into more open and cross new knowledge ways. The new pedagogical intervention will have to be the shared production of knowledge and the training of future designers will have to be tackled from learning based on concepts of interaction, complicities and joint responsibility. For this reason, it is noted the importance of creating new methodologies able to awaken new abilities more adequate to plural and diverse forms of current knowledge. In what do these new educational methodologies of the profession consist of?, and what reasons do they answer to?; how do they adapt to new technologies and economic and social changes demands? The writing of this article has arisen these questions. Read the full version here.