March 29, 2010
DAYDREAMER. Redesigning the way we eat

How to feed the people of this century? It is estimated that in 2050, the population will reach 9100 million. We have to think not only in food quantity, also quality (and fairness in distribution, corporate social responsibility in the production or consumption in his maturity), something that the consumer starts to demand. The stamps and labels on organic food certification "after the EU regulation which came into force in 2009" to help distinguish between the quality of products that are not. In fact, according to leading marketers, in 2008 the venda of these products increased between 10 and 15%. The Rural World Foundation is committed to improving the information supply and the labeling of such products, as well as improved practices and marketing channels to gain market share potential. all food and eating healthy is undoubtedly the greatest challenge to face in this era, because a good diet depends on the welfare "and, Indeed, the survival "of our species.

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Jon Marin Professor del departament de Producte de l’ESDi