June 01, 2009
Curatorial text: The Hideout

text written by Oscar Palau Ribó and Francisco Pinel Cabello, inside de exhibit project about Free Software "The Hideout" inside the subjet of 4th course of Comission of Electronical Art and Digital Design, that is in charge of Vanina Hofman. Students who had participated: Néstor Aguilera Cáceres, Pere Bacardit Corrons, Silvia Bou Guardia, Rubén Castejón Giner, Eneko García Aranceta, Daniel Moreno Valldosera, Bernardo Olives Babler, Oscar Palau Ribó, Marc Paredes Molina, Francisco Pinel Cabello, Rubén Requena Colominas, Raúl Sanz Díaz and Jordi Vadrí Valls. The exhibition can be visited in the central hall of ESDi since 15th of May of 2009. Click here to read the spanish version