July 20 2016
Complexity and historical perspective

Based on structural analysis and a sequential consideration of cause and effect traditional scientific method is today a system ineffective for understanding some phenomena that clearly tend to a fusion of social or sociological and high-tech applications in the daily life. The complex interaction between these two areas whose evolutions until recently had been treated more or less in parallel today tends to project through some subtle and tacitly agreed codes that although they are not always easy to interpret if they are to be understood, This does not mean understood. It is therefore evident that, from the perspective of cognitive processes need to consider various aspects so far not covered. This is where what emerges from decades ago is being called science of complexity, a largely shared by sociological considerations, issues of cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence also not entirely fortunately -designation not quite lucky- their projections in the field of space communication and language structures.



Article written by Dr. Enric Puig, member of the Department of Development Theory and Design of ESDi.