May 03, 2013
Competitiveness Key Design in the Global World

In the lecture ’The competitiveness Key Design in the Global World’, Antoni Garrell, FUNDIT General Director and specialist in innovation management and knowledge economy defines the strategies to ensure competitiveness of enterprises considering the binomial globalization - knowledge economy. Thus, an analysis of the components that determine competitiveness: innovation, productivity and globalization is done to finally identify that to Investigate (I), to Develop (D) and to Innovate (D) [I+D+I] plus the Entrepreneurship (e) become the Keys of progress in achieving sustained long-term competitiveness, the goal of any organization. Given the important role of the creatives, Antoni Garrell points out the keys to how they have to face their professional activity and thus be locomotives of progress and future construction managers. If you want to read the entire paper, click here.