September 7 2016
Audiovisual narrative and technological innovation

Saturday September 3 as part of the Festival de Sabadell, held SABA-TIC Show Interactive Innovative Technologies. In this sample there were two final projects of Degree in Design, mention Audiovisual ESDi. First, Stalker, Alejandro Paloma is a short film that uses interactive virtual reality to create immersive environment where the viewer is located within the same space of the protagonist, becoming, himself, the protagonist of the story . The type of first-person narration, with paths and ski runs or tests to pass, that inspired videogame. However, in this case, the recording made 360 camera, glasses and immersive image viodegràfica reach the viewer is introduced quickly into action and solve the mystery.



Article written by Dr. Mireia Feliu, professor and head of the Communication and Multimedia Interactivity ESDi (University Department of Theory and Design Development.