May 25 2017
Art and fashion, new forms of patronage?

The German philosopher and sociologist Georg Simmel, at the beginning of the last century, told us that fashion provides the key to an era. Their variations function as a compass to anticipate social, economic, or even political trends.

One of the characteristics of fashion that most surprise its observers and researchers is the dynamics of change and mutation that prevents, even from the historical perspective, the consistency of criteria when analyzing their products. This was referred to by the American sociologist Thorstein Veblen (late Sixteenth) when he lamented that this "incessant struggle to achieve beauty in dress" did not lead to "a gradual approach to artistic perfection." It lamented and ultimately surprised that the fashion suffers from agreed paradigms to achieve aesthetic consensus more or less universal and prolonged in time as it happens in the world of art.

According to the opinion of many of those interested in unveiling the link between art and fashion, one of the biggest coincidences found is the pretension in both cases to realize a "beautiful" work, although with the difference pointed above of the acceleration of fashion It prevents him from adopting the sense of "school" or "movement" as understood from the artistic perspective.