January 16, 2013
And you ... what color do you paint your life?

Since we are small, getting used to identify with a particular color. And almost unconsciously that tone is the objects that have more interest we awaken. This trend, apparently unconscious, will be present in all acts of choice of color in our lives. Each color has nuances that make objects, experiences and feelings that make each of us unknowingly have a personal memory of colors and color variations that define them. So each color enables us to identify many features of our personality and at the same time, to show our own concerns. Throughout our life story, the tone will soften, it will color will be modified, but the range is part of our personal encyclopedia is one of the identity of each individual. A nonverbal communication element that is, the color identifies cultures, moods or sociocultural circumstances of different communities. Thus, the countries in the southern hemisphere tend to have a penchant for bright hues and strong, while northern countries prefer softer tones. The weather, as influences lifestyles, is also present in the color that defines the different societies. The color also attributed properties that become effects on people. For this reason, we never would paint a red hospital, or white in a nightclub. In this regard, the color becomes a key element for interior design and also for consumer products that appear in the market. The sensations it causes in each individual color makes each tone are attributed different properties. Thus emerges the chromotherapy, as a discipline that seeks to benefit the state of mind of people from the properties of the same colors. The color red, for example, the color that identifies the fire. Its intensity is associated with passion, aggression and bravery. This is a proper tone of passionate people, very confident and that nothing overlooked. It is also the color used for clothes and beauty products such as nail polish or lipstick, in times of crisis because it is a happy color and passion. Communities facing economic difficulties, institutional or structural accustomed to dye shades of red or strong reaction to social pessimism. Another major tones, blue is a soothing color and even cold. It is characterized as one key characteristic of those who have a calm temperament, are celebrares and seek perfection in everything around them. Blue is also the color of harmony, tranquility and protection. This winter, the Klein blue is one of the trendy shades. At the moment we met with a storm political, economic and social complex, this pitch is used in a positive sense to look calm the individual and the Company. Green, Pantone declared as the official color of 2013, is the tone of hope, of nature and calm. It is a tone that defines people optimistic and with a high degree of commitment to the environment in which they are located. At present, the color green in all ranges permeates much of the windows of our cities and features prominently in many wardrobes. If you paint your room green matter "to look cool", do your space a place of calm and serenity in which to concentrate, study and reflect.