October 11th 2013
About the social responsibility in cultural production

This past April, Espai Cultura Fundació Sabadell 1859, hosted the exhibition, Zona intermèdia. Disseny, art i societat, produced by ACVic Centre d’Arts Contemporànies. The idea of this exhibition curated by designer Curro Claret, takes shape from an applied research project: devise a constructive multipurpose and versatile piece that serves as a binding node custom framing materials for furniture or appliances. It has been proven , " the piece " designed by Curro Claret really makes it possible that anyone can build or design your own furniture : from a stool , a lamp, a bench , a table, a chair , or any functional or decorative furniture , the result of imagination and creativity (which everyone has ) . Anyway, the conceptual route "piece" of Curro Claret goes far beyond. Their ultimate goal has been to devise a tool for groups that work to alleviate social exclusion. Programming workshops allowed the flow of information and the direct transfer of basic knowledge with the intention that this furniture and objects can be performed by individuals who are at risk of marginalization. The files for the metal parts are freely available to any organization that requests it, provided that the meshes encircling his pedagogical activity, therapeutic, or other securities inclusive nonprofit.


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